How Can CRM Help You Manage an Event?


If you are dealing with event management or organising and are worried about not delivering results, perhaps it is high time to consider a CRM system in Singapore for your business, in case you have not been acquainted with it yet.


A 2019 survey, has found out that 65% of the questioned event management officers see reaching new attendees as one of the greatest challenges lately. The growing competition for attendees is admitted as the factor having the biggest impact on the event sphere in 2019 by almost 40% of the respondents. So, it increases the cost of a single customer gaining, making it much more difficult to involve him and retain. Since the attendees are those who pay the bills, driving them is the major concern of event creators.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps manage the customer relationship and all the information related to it. Here are the ways in how a CRM system can help you and your business with events management.


Tackling challenges with CRM solutions


For your business to thrive, keep expanding and improving your network to bring in new customers. Though at present the task gets progressively harder, both CRM software development and implementation can help you cope with multiple challenges. So, why use a CRM tool? Here is why.


Manual work elimination


A CRM system's foremost advantage is that it allows automating manual tasks and operations, especially if it is integrated with the accounting software. In such a case, it automates business development and increases your sales. With a CRM Software, you get the opportunity to administer and manage leads better, reach your clients quicker, automate and personalise marketing.


Event’s lead performance measurement


With a CRM integrated with the accounting software, you can fine-tune the lead management procedures and indicate the definitions of lead statuses and lifecycle stages. It can provide you with insight on how many qualified leads your team brought, how many sales were made, how many of the leads convert to opportunities, and how many of them become customers. By doing so, you would get better visibility of the leads’ progression./p>


Your Event’s Performance Evaluation


The key event performance indicator is the amount of opportunity value and revenue value which the event has generated or influenced. With a good event management software in Singapore, you sill see how the opportunities worked its course. Then after your leads are converted, you can now estimate how the event facilitated closing certain deals.


Possibilities opened with the data captured from the CRM system


No matter what type of a CRM software in Singapore you choose, it allows you to start the creation of a thorough database, containing every person or entity, which has networked with your events or business any time ever. It is attained through importing past and current attendees details, email lists of your site registered users and other databases of your clients and prospects.


As soon as you get all this information in a single place, data can be segmented and specific attendees’ categories created for targeting:


  • Invitations for events
  • Personalised marketing campaigns
  • Price cuts and special offers or upsells
  • Follow-ups after the events held
  • Surveys and requests for feedback




Utilising a CRM system will move your event business to a new level. It will help your organisation advance, improve your customer relationships, and bring more professionalism, and expertise into your operational procedures.


Star CRM is ready to assist you in the creation of your custom CRM system, which will help you achieve all these and even go beyond. Schedule an appointment with us today and catapult your future events to success.



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