20-Year Proven Track Record In Delivering World-Class CRM Software & Services. 

We have 14 compelling products and services to choose from. Giving you all the ammunition you need to create superior customer engagement. We got you covered!


About Us

We are a leading provider of CRM software and services in the Asia-Pacific region. We have a 20-year proven track record in helping large global and local companies to implement CRM platforms. We have cutting-edge CRM software solutions to manage sales, marketing, loyalty, customer service, outbound telemarketing complemented by services across loyalty, data, analytics, digital marketing and telemarketing.

Our powerful hybrid combination of CRM software and services provides our Clients with all the ammunition they need to engage with their customers efficiently and effectively.

Our team of 40 passionate, talented, results-oriented individuals from the 3 worlds of technology, marketing and data bring it all together quite magically. We deliver world-class CRM software and services at a fair and reasonable price!

Our Client portfolio includes Japan Tobacco International, Shell, Honeywell, Pfizer, Dutch Lady, Malaysia Institute of Accountants, Axa Insurance, iFast Financial Services, Juniper Networks, Maxis, Astro, CIMB, Telekom Malaysia, Microsoft, Maybank, RHB, DHL, Kurnia Insurans, Fonterra, P&G, Ritz-Carlton, Pan-Pacific Hotels, Lexus, Palm, Philips, FedEx, Adobe, Petronas, Malaysia Airlines, MASKargo, OctaFX and Trade 12. 


"The market for CRM is growing ever rapidly with a greater need for sophistication and attention to detail. The CRM vendor landscape has many different players competing for share of wallet. Technology companies providing CRM solutions do not necessarily have marketing, loyalty, data or analytic skills. Similarly, advertising companies offering CRM solutions do not always meet technology, data and analytic requirements. Consulting firms that are great with strategy and process don’t always have in-house CRM software solutions in place.

Amidst such contrasting trends, Star Solutions comes under the spotlight with its cutting-edge proposition across technology, marketing, and data. Thus, landing them a place as one of the Top 25 CRM specialists in Asia-Pacific."

- APAC CIO Outlook Magazine 2017


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Our History

The firm was set up in August 1998 by Kareem Qureshi, a specialist with over 30 years of expertise in CRM strategy, software and database management. Born and brought up in London, Kareem spent much of his early career days working for UK’s largest banks and telcos. Some years and adventures later, Kareem arrived in Malaysia in 1998 for a 1-month consulting assignment and has not left since!

Kareem decided that Malaysia deserved a high-performance CRM capability at par with global players. So, he set up Star Solutions (now known as Star CRM) with a vision to providing companies in Asia with access to cutting-edge CRM software, world class marketing strategies, supported by an understanding of the intricacies of the local market.

In 2002, Kareem was joined in his quest to create value for Clients by his business partner, Sharada Balagopalan, a world-class marketing specialist from India with over 18  years of expertise in CRM strategy, technology and data. With her sound skills in marketing strategy and execution, she defined in practical, actionable terms what marketers needed and how Star Solutions could support Clients around the region.

Together, Kareem and Sharada’s unique combination of technology and marketing skills allowed them to create a hugely compelling proposition in terms of CRM software and services, giving Clients all the marketing ammunition they needed to engage with their customers efficiently and effectively.

One of the many innovations from Kareem and Sharada is STARDriver® CRM Engine, responsible for solving countless problems for Clients in the areas of database management, analytics, multi-channel campaigns, loyalty program management, sales management, help desk and outbound call centre operations. 

This truly places Star CRM in a unique position to offer marketing solutions with the benefit of pragmatism, unavailable in many software companies, advertising agencies, database management vendors and call centre service providers.

Star CRM understands critical success factors that must be present, as well as specific, tangible advice for companies seeking to build robust fact-based marketing capabilities. Today, Star CRM Sdn. Bhd. has evolved strongly and silently from providing quality database management services to the full spectrum of CRM software and services.

What We Do

We have 14 compelling products and services to choose from, giving you all the ammunition you need to manage your customers efficiently and effectively. Our unique combination of technology, marketing and data has you covered!

Our Awesome Clients

We have worked with over 40 blue-chip companies to implement CRM solutions to manage their customer data, analytics, multi-channel, campaigns, loyalty programs, help desk, outbound telemarketing, sales, events and employee engagement.

Why Engage Us

We deliver results. That's mostly why.

Plus 8 other strengths that distinguish Star CRM in the marketplace. Also, we were recently named the Best CRM Cloud Vendor of 2018 by Frost & Sullivan in Malaysia. Also, APAC CIO Outlook ranked us No. 7 in the region. 

  • Client Portfolio: We have an amazing portfolio of Clients who will vouch for our work!
  • Compelling Products & Services: We have a hugely compelling hybrid proposition in terms of our products and services.
  • Great Team: Our team members come from the 3 worlds of marketing, technology and data, thus, bringing together a unique blend of cross-over skills under one roof! 
  • Partnership: We take 'partnership' very seriously at Star CRM and that means we take full ownership and care about delivering the end results.
  • Cost: We offer value for money!
  • KPI Focus: We like measurement and will work with you to maximize your marketing dollars !
  • Hands-On: We like to get our hands dirty in execution. 
  • Beaten the 'Big Boys': We have won several tenders and beaten big players due to our expertise in technology, marketing and data.

Frost & Sullivan Gala Dinner @ The Hilton, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Proud Starlites celebrating our win as the Best CRM Cloud Vendor of 2018 in Malaysia.

best crm cloud vendor

A super thrilled team !!! :-)


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